Enable Google Chrome’s new design with one Chrome flag

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The Google Chrome browser is open source, so we can track progress on its development quite easily. We’ve seen how Chrome is getting more optimized for touchscreen devices like the HP Chromebook X2 and the Acer Chromebook Tab 10, how a major Material Design revamp is underway, and how Chrome OS is receiving Android P-esque […]

Why You should Choose Email Marketing for Best ROI

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As a business owner, it’s always a good idea to effectively use the marketing tools that are bringing you the most success. Measuring success as a business typically pertains to ROI, sales/income, and new customer acquisition. Reaching your target market with content that will appeal to them, while generating income is key when spending money […]

Frequent traveler? No internet access? Here’s how to enable Gmail’s new offline mode

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Gmail received a major feature at I/O 2018 in the form of Smart Compose. However, the new offline mode has been silently enabled for desktop users too, replacing the Gmail Offline Chrome app. The mode allows you to read messages, search your inbox, and queue messages for sending — without an internet connection. Android users […]

The Good AI vs. Bad AI: Myths, Hopes And Supreme Realities of the Machines Learning Advancements

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) is about to reshape the enterprise workplace in a big and fundamental way, and any organization that hasn’t already started thinking about, planning for and adopting the new wave of smart AI tools is at risk of being left behind by their competitors. Even at this early stage, it’s clear the benefits […]

Ever Wondered how your TV works… in slow motion

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Ever wondered just how your television works? YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys, aptly named for their slow motion videos, explains the miracle of television and shows step-by-step how images appear on screens. Instead of watching moving objects on our screens, turns out we’re just watching a bunch of still images shown to us really, really quickly. After […]

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