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Google Mobilegeddon to eCommerce: Go Mobile Now!

Thanks Google, we agree completely!
Mobilegeddon doesn’t scare our clients and Mobilegeddon should not scare you? Why? Because when sites don’t go mobile, they trigger a horrible experience for their customers.

Worse still, they are leaving a ton of money on the table…

Is your site mobile friendly?

Do you pass the Google Mobilegeddon test?

Just click on the link below to find out…

Visit Google’s Mobile Friendly Test: Google’s Mobile Friendly Test…

If you fail, just contact Toki Solutions and we will take care of the rest…

Our eCommerce solution is uniquely powered by your already-existing product data feed. This means we can get you mobile in days, or even hours. And everything is customizable…instantly! Every pixel of color, every element on every page, and only Toki Solutions clients have access to our ecommerce Solutions.

Master space, time and impulse with our mPower tools and jump with joy as your customers thank you for being so helpful and responsive!

Oh, and did you know we guarantee a 1000% R.O.I on your first year investment?

So if you fail the Mobilegeddon test, or your current ecommerce or website  just isn’t cutting it, contact Toki Solutions today!


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