Facing rapidly changing technology and intense competition, broadcast companies must tap their historical traits of invention and innovation to provide the content consumers want—when, where and how they want it in order to effectively create a competitive advantage in the broadcasting industry. Toki Solutions’ broad experience, industry network and unparalleled global industry experts connections complement our deep broadcast consulting experience across the convergent areas of broadcasting, telecommunications, networking, systems integration and Interactive TV.

Mobile/Tablet Applications Development

Mobile and tablet devices are the new frontier of marketing, sales, and service. By 2015, it’s estimated that more people will access the Internet via mobile devices than desktops. But with manufacturers constantly bringing new devices to market, it’s tricky to develop your mobile presence. The variety of operating systems, screen sizes, and interaction models create design and development challenges. Since customers use different technologies for different purposes, how do you decide which mobile solutions to develop for which devices? While many developers can create a one-off application for a smartphone or tablet, few can deliver the elegant multichannel mobile strategy you need spanning devices and touch points. Nor can they integrate your applications into your backend systems.

Projects Management & Delivery

We offer full scale project management services for a wide array of Broadcast and IT related initiatives. Our experience in combination with our modernized, innovative and domain oriented project management system permits us to customize solutions for each customer specifically, making our unique footprint in the industry. Blending our staff, procedure, tools, technology and knowledge is our unique strategy to assist our clients through obstacles, improve procedures, meet deadlines and surpass objectives.

Technology and Infrastructure Consulting

Infrastructure Consulting means that we support companies in all stages of challenging IT projects. We help them to plan their infrastructure and to optimize it with lasting effect. Our aims are to reduce complexity, to minimise costs and to realize growth potential.The core of excellent consulting is the person since consulting quality is always based on the consultants’ experience and know-how. Theoretical knowledge is often not enough.

Multi-Touch, Multi-Gestures and Multi-Person Solutions

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR EXCITING TOUCH SCREEN APPLICATIONS THAT ENHANCE YOUR INTERACTIVE AV HARDWARE? We provide you an exciting business opportunity for resellers, distributors and integrators of interactive audio/visual equipment. This market leading multi-touch software not only enhances, but also enables solution selling of interactive AV hardware. All applications for business, entertainment and education are designed to excite and engage. Now it is easy to let users and customers experience the true power of interactive technology.

TV Channel Branding & Channel Habillage

Toki Solutions puts the abilities to build and deliver brand at the heart of every one of its solutions, from our discrete graphics creation and automated delivery systems, to tightly integrated, multi-function solutions for master control and channel playout. Our dedication and experience helps you to be creative, consistent and most importantly, to get your channel noticed.

From Interactive Media to OTT

A Grade-A solutions for managing, distributing and monetising digital media and entertainment media services in the new era of “over the top” TV.Ingest, store and organise all your professional digital media in a private cloud, securely and always accessible, while we prepare it all for multiscreen distribution according to your specified needs.Our own Proprietary framework and infrastructure, along with website and application development services, designed to enable OTT Video Services Platform clients to create, launch and manage their own branded video service user interfaces (UI), integrated with a Media Management System.

Web Presence & Applications Development

Developing an Internet presence involves more than just having a website—it means employing the right strategy, delivering an effective message, and selecting the right tools to meet your needs. We approach our web projects with the belief that a website should provide you with more than just a location on the Internet; it should serve as an effective communications tool for achieving your organisations’ goals.


More then 312 happy customers and counting

  • I worked with Tarek for two years, I still remember my old days when Fox International just migrated from Cairo & I had joined FIC. I will take this opportunity to thanks for your help on my every walk. Tarek technical skills are impeccable.

    He is also fun to be around. When deadlines loom, tension can build. But Tarek always knew how to add levity to the situation, cracking jokes to relieve stress and keep the team on task. With his take-charge attitude, inclusive approach and strong grasp of industry concepts, Tarek is an asset to any organisation. He is knowledgeable and expert in his domain & most important a down to earth personality

    Birendra Srivastava
    Birendra Srivastava
    CTO, Fox International Abu Dhabi
  • Tarek worked for me during my tenure at GBS as CTO , he was an extremely hard working and loyal friend , he has a uncanny ability to make things happen and the ability to fully understand the technologies around any project he is involved in.Tarek was my right hand man , a joy to work with and a inspiration to myself and many others.

    Richard Nicholls
    Chief Technical Officer at Global Interactive Television GmbH
  • Tarek is a very professional individual, committed and pro-active, easy to work with once you get to know him. Tarek is very knowledgable of his work and can give you the best advice & assistance, he also delivers once you have an agreement.

    Fahad Al Absi
    Business Development, NIMR Automotives
  • Tarek worked with me more than once in different capacities and in each time he proved to be a great asset and a reliable professional. I highly recommend Tarek for future positions

    Nashwa Al Ruwaini
    Nashwa Al Ruwaini
    CEO, Pyramedia Productions
  • Tarek was very professional in managing Al Aqariya Group resources and had added many values to the group.

    Naser Mourad Refaat
    Technologist & Business Strategies Executive
  • I have known Tarek for many years and I have always found him to be a highly professional person with a lot of creative problem solving capabilities. He is a true team player with a very pleasant personality. Tarek is energetic, reliable and goal oriented and I am happy to give him my highest recommendation

    Hassan Ghoul
    Managing Director, Middle East at Grass Valley
  • Tarek is a result oriented Manager with determination to succeed. He always delivers results at the shortest period.

    Joseph Varghese
    Division Manager at Tek Signals
  • I had the pleasure of working with Tarek for almost 2 years. I found him to be an effective manager on both the process and people side of the business – a rarity in many organisations. From recruiting to employee relations, Tarek intuitively understood the impact of positive and pro-active people management. In short, he was a great business partner, admired and respected by his employees, while delivering great results.

    Robert St-Jacques
    Robert St-Jacques
    Director of HR, twofour54
  • Tarek Tarabichi and me have met for the first time in Abu Dhabi at fwofour54. Tarek is on open minded professional who immediately gained my respect. His charisma and friendly approach to me has been well received. I would like to recommend Tarek as a hard working individual with excellent knowledge of the Broadcast Market.

    Fred van Elk
    Sales & Office Manager at Alphatron Broadcast Systems Dubai FZ-LLC
  • Tarek always tries to keep the overview by listening to his co-workers. With his professional experience in both Europe and the Arabic world he manages to remain fresh with ideas and concepts whenever that is required of him.

    Jurriaan Wittenberg
    Jurriaan Wittenberg
    Broadcast Consultant at Ericsson, formerly known as Technicolor
  • It is a pleasure writing endorsing and writing this recommendation for Tarek, whom I have known for a number of years (14+). You don’t maintain business relationships for this long without having mutual respect and forging a friendship!!.
    He has the gift of building professional relationships as he finds it easy to bridge cultural, social and technical gaps, which makes him a well rounded professional. He gets in there and addresses issues which others have found virtually impossible and takes control (in a nice way) so clients feel assured they have the right man on the job. This I can say with the utmost confidence as I have seen it and experienced it firsthand. He can be a tech-wizz as well as a great relationship manager as an well needed, because he is built this way. It is as if he is genetically built or programmed to solve complex issues.
    He works well alone and equally as good in a team and we were team mates on a number of occasions.
    If anyone is looking for a resource who can build client confidence, deliver technical expertise, work on broadcast or media centric solutions, design or develop multimedia solutions or even mentor an individual or group, Tarek is more than capable of these and much more.So it is my pleasure to recommend him to anyone and sadness that i am not working with him at present.

    Derek Holland
    Dubai Branch Office - General Manager at BFE Studio und Mediensysteme GmbH
  • I worked with Tarek for almost 2 years and he was probably one the managers who inspired me the most. He was focused and results oriented professional. Working with Tarek was really motivating, he had the ability to make you aware of your strengths and guide you in order to develop them. And on top of that he is a great guy !!

    Asim Omer Mian
    Multimedia Graphic Designer at Al Fahim Group
Abu Dhabi Civil Defense
Pyramedia Productions FZ-LLC
Abu Dhabi Media
Millions Poet
Media Group International
Abu Dhabi Emarat
Abu Dhabi Police


What we do best

We can help take the stress and strain out of getting your plans and aspirations delivered. Through combining our knowledge and skills with a partnership approach of understanding your business needs and environment, we engineer and manage projects that deliver the results you expect.

  • Commissioning & Acceptance Testing
  • Operational and Creative Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Go to Air Assistance

We offer a range of creative services allowing you access to the extensive skills and expertise of our teams.Through these services we can assist you in optimizing your product performance to gain the maximum benefit from your investment or simply help you directly deliver a project.

  • Creative Partner Solutions
  • Creative Build Assistance
  • UI/UX Strategy and Build
  • Branding Strategy and Guidelines formulation
  • TV Branding Reshaping
  • Social Media Integration

Is your website empowering your business goals? Is your business ethos reaching your target audience? If not, it’s time to pull up your sleeves! Better reach means better engagement and winning businesses. We believe that good websites can reach good heights and speak volumes and we work out solutions that we believe in.

  • Quality in every detail
  • Unique interface elements
  • Ready-made skins
  • Tons of shortcodes
  • Fast & friendly support
  • 100% Mobile tested
  • Responsive Design and Elements
  • Multi Device & Screen Ready

Often, standard, off-the-self applications don’t suffice for smart and growing enterprises. A need, therefore, arises for custom-built web applications, which can address the exact IT challenges of the new-age businesses.
Toki Solutions has an experienced team of web strategists, designers, and developers, with a proven track record of delivering one-off web applications. Our solutions are not only customized as per clients’ requirements, but also highly cost-effective and results-driven.

Consulting 90%
Project Management 87%
Design &amp Development 82%
UI/UX Design 70%
Web Services 60%
Branding 50%