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Enable Google Chrome’s new design with one Chrome flag

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The Google Chrome browser is open source, so we can track progress on its development quite easily. We’ve seen how Chrome is getting more optimized for touchscreen devices like the HP Chromebook X2 and the Acer Chromebook Tab 10, how a major Material Design revamp is underway, and how Chrome OS is receiving Android P-esque […]

Frequent traveler? No internet access? Here’s how to enable Gmail’s new offline mode

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Gmail received a major feature at I/O 2018 in the form of Smart Compose. However, the new offline mode has been silently enabled for desktop users too, replacing the Gmail Offline Chrome app. The mode allows you to read messages, search your inbox, and queue messages for sending — without an internet connection. Android users […]

Connection Between Social Media Marketing and SEO

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Marketing has changed its course these days. The major way of marketing products and services is social media marketing. This new method is less expensive and has the ability of reaching towards a larger audience. Social Media Marketing and SEO collaborates with each others and produces even larger results. Here are 3 ways in which […]

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